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Olympus Microscopio stereo zoom SZX7, bino, 0,8x - 5,6x per collo di cigno

Prodotto n.: 49709
Produttore: Olympus

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Olympus Microscopio stereo zoom SZX7, bino, 0,8x - 5,6x per collo di cigno
Olympus Microscopio stereo zoom SZX7, bino, 0,8x - 5,6x per collo di cigno
Olympus Microscopio stereo zoom SZX7, bino, 0,8x - 5,6x per collo di cigno
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Included components:

Easy on the Eyes: User Comfort is Where Precision Performance Begins

The SZX7 stereo microscope from Olympus is easy to use and delivers outstanding optical performance so that users are comfortable performing imaging tasks from advanced research toroutine inspections.

The microscope's Galilean optical system, previously restricted to more specialized microscopes, offers the best zoom ratio in this class, as well as outstanding image clarity, true color, and accurate reproduction of the original specimen in crisp, well-defined detail.

The SZX7 can be customized using a range of accessories to accommodate a variety of specimen types and sizes.

Quality Optics for Consistently Superior Image Reproduction

Clear, accurate specimen observation without strain. With its smooth finish, apochromatic zoom optics, ComfortView eyepieces, and easy adjustability, the SZX7 minimizes strain and fatigue while fulfilling the key mission of Olympus microscope designers—to provide the optimal image for any specimen. The performance of the high-level Galilean optical system is complemented by much less distortion than before with high numerical aperture. The SZX7 microscope body is manufactured using newly developed lead-free optics, demonstrating Olympus' commitment to protect the environment

7:1 Wide Zoom Ratio

With a magnification range of 8X–56X (using a 1X objective/10X eyepieces), the SZX7 offers a zoom ratio of 7:1. This is the best in its class and enables a specimen to be observed at the most appropriate magnification.

Excellent Resolving Power

High-quality objectives deliver accurate, high-resolution images that show specimens in minute detail.

A Range of Objectives to Suit Every Specimen and Every Application

  • Superior Image quality with high resolution and excellent flatness: The new DFPLAPO1X-4 objective provides excellent optical performance, with plan apochromat correction and an NA of 0.10.
  • Longest working distance (W.D.) in this class: Objectives range from the SZX-AC H1X (90 mm W.D.) to the DFPL0.5X-4 (171 mm W.D.). As a result, difficult to access surfaces can be easily observed.

Accurate Color Reproduction

Careful selection of lens surface coatings and apochromatic zoom optics make it possible to observe and document specimens with accurate color reproducibility.

ComfortView Eyepieces for Greater Comfort and Faster Work

New ComfortView eyepieces feature pupil aberration control and appropriate positioning in the eye point for fast and comfortable observations. The result is a field of view that is easy to find,

comfortable to view, and easy to keep.

Convenient Front-Access Operation

Improved access to the most frequently used knobs and controls maximizes operator comfort and reduces neck and back strain.

Quickly Recall Magnification Settings via Click-Stop Mechanism

Many inspection and documentation tasks require the use of a known zoom magnification setting to ensure consistent and comparable results. The integrated click-stop mechanism provides quick and easy access to this important function.

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