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Astrel Instruments Fotocamera AST8300-B-M-FW Mono
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Similar to the illustration: The product illustration shows the camera with the optional and also the optional .

With the accessories, this camera turns into a stand-alone solution for sophisticated astrophotography: you have all the possibilities of an astronomical CCD camera, but you do not need a PC or laptop at the telescope!

The camera AST8300 with integrated filter wheel is equipped with the Kodak KAF 8300 sensor . It is a full-frame chip with a mechanical shutter, which means that the entire chip area is actually used for the exposure. This is ideal for most telescopes with a diagonal of 22.5 millimeters at 5.4μm pixel size.

Thanks to advanced techniques like Antiblooming and Truesense , the Kodak KAF 8300 CCD is used in many cameras.

Other features of this camera:

  • The brain: A powerful 1 GHz microprocessor is installed in the camera. This allows not only the wireless connection of the camera to PC, Tablet or Smartphone via integrated WLAN , but is also the basis for the stand-alone operation using touch screen. The Open Source Camera Processor Code allows you to program the camera freely.
  • The memory: The camera has an 8 GB memory . Thus, there is no need to store the images externally. The memory can be extended to 64 GB.
  • Active cooling: The camera can be cooled by ambient temperature by 42 ° Celsius. The temperature regulation is precise to 0.1 ° Celsius.
  • Filter wheel with 7 positions: The camera moves each position precisely and checks them optically. We offer you special filters for Astrel cameras from Astronomik. The filter wheel is permanently integrated and thus an integral part of the system.

The Camera Software : Everything you need! The powerful microprocessor of the camera offers numerous possibilities. Whether you use the camera with an external PC or as a stand-alone system with touch screen, the following applications are available:

  • Liveview: In Liveview mode, the camera switches to 10x5 binning, that is, they are almost pixels together for high sensitivity and fast readout. This allows you to position your telescope very well on the object.
  • Focus: The focus mode helps you to find the focus precisely with a star.
  • Camera control: Here you set binning, exposure time, series recording etc. - and for each filter individually!
  • Temperature control: Only those who have control over the temperature can make reproducible recordings in long nights.
  • Status and preview: What makes your camera straight and what does the recording look like? The software keeps you up-to-date!
  • Filter wheel: The camera controls the filter wheel during shooting, but also in the liveview and focus mode.
  • Planetarium software: In the camera, useful programs such as Cartes du Ciel are already installed.
  • Autoguider: The camera has a software for tracking control. All you need is an autoguiding camera with guide tube or off-axis guider.


  • Carrying case
  • vacuum pump
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power cable with car plug (cigarette lighter)

Conclusion: The camera AST8300 combines the advantages of a system camera (DSLR) with the advanced technology of an actively cooled astro camera - especially with the accessories for stand-alone operation.

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