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Atik Fotocamera 490EX Mono

Prodotto n.: 44182
Produttore: Atik

$ 2.710,00

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$ 2.055,97

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Risparmi: $ 650,00
Atik Fotocamera 490EX Mono
Atik Fotocamera 490EX Mono
Atik Fotocamera 490EX Mono
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Descrizione prodotto:

Notare che questa descrizione prodotto è una traduzione automatica. Per maggiori informazioni contattare il nostro servizio clienti di lingua inglese.

The Atik cameras of Series 4 connect electronically regulated cooling with low power consumption and slim, lightweight design.

  • The Atik 420 and Atik 450 are ideally suited for short-focus refractors. With the combination of fast and Apo this Atik of Series 4 successful high-resolution wide-angle shots - and at a good price!
  • The Atik 428EX is the cheapest Atik with EXview technology. It is very suitable for deep sky photography and is ideally suited to all the usual amateur telescopes. With this model, the Series 4, you can not go wrong!
  • The models 460EX and 490EX are scopes the best choice for larger SC or RC-Tele. Those who have already gained experience in astrophotography and is looking for an upgrade, is correct in these models.

Due to their slim housing and low heat emission all Atik-camera series are ideal for the Hyperstar- and Fastar system of Celestron, and for all systems where the camera sits at the prime focus.

Important Feature:

  • The camera is equipped with an efficient cooling system that ensures a low readout noise. So even the recording of Dark frames in many situations not necessarily required: More time for shots, less waste of time by calibration.
  • To prevent dew formation in the sensor chamber, the camera has a desiccant tablet. These can be removed via a lateral screw hole and dried again in an oven (please consult manual).
  • The optical window is made ​​of BK7 glass, which was vergütetet both sides (Broadband Anti-Reflection (BBAR)). So reflections are reliably prevented.

All cameras of 4 series of Atik have a back focus of 13mm.


  • camera
  • USB cable, 3 meters
  • Power cable, 1.8 meters with connection to cigarette lighter
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and manual (PDF)
  • Quick guide in paper form

The camera is a monochrome or color camera available (Mono or Color). All cameras are compatible not only with the Atik capture software, but also with Astroart and Maxim DL. For Atik software minimum system requirements Pentium III is PC with 128MB RAM.

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