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Descrizione prodotto

The new "Helium" tripod from SoftwareBisque was not named that way without reason: Despite its carrying capacity and the extremely robust, stable design, it is very light - the entire tripod weighs only 6.5 kilograms. In the field of heavy, large and extremely resilient SoftwareBisque tripods & mounts, it is a lightweight, so to speak - light as the gas helium.

The "Helium" tripod can do even more: It can carry a load of up to 90 kg - a value that the optics of most amateur astronomers will probably never reach. Unbeatable carrying capacity!

In addition, like all SoftwareBisque products, it is designed for extreme loads and robust use. Nothing wobbles here, everything fits together perfectly, is easy to operate and ready for use in the toughest conditions. The tripod can be extended to a comfortable height of 102 cm. The legs are also ideally designed for sloping terrain thanks to their additional angled support points. The tripod can be set up anywhere in a few minutes and it does not lose its rigidity and load-bearing capacity even on uneven terrain.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Load capacity up to 90 kg
  • Adjustment range between 60 and 102 cm
  • ultra-light and mobile with a total weight of only 6.5 kg
  • Simple and well thought-out design allows assembly in just a few minutes
  • extreme stability and rigidity
  • Also ideal for uneven terrain
  • built-in bubble levels
  • 360° adjustment range in azimuth



Capacità di carico (kg)
Lunghezza di trasporto (cm)


Altezza max. cavalletto (cm)


Peso totale (kg)
Software Bisque Cavalletto Helium Tripod red
Software Bisque Cavalletto Helium Tripod red

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