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Kowa eyepiece protection lens TSN-CV66
Kowa eyepiece protection lens TSN-CV66
Kowa eyepiece protection lens TSN-CV66
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Kowa eyepiece protection

Even the rear end of a spotting scope is vulnerable. Just like the front lens, the eyepiece is often at risk of being damaged. The eyepiece lens or its coating can also be scratched by adverse conditions, but also by the user. This may be caused by improper handling or lack of protection during storage or transport.

Just like the condition of the objective lens, the state of the eyepiece is decisive for the performance of a spotting scope. A necessary repair damage is usually very expensive due to the great effort required. To avoid this, Kowa offers with the available eyepiece protection "TSN-CV88" and "TSN-CV66" the perfect additional accessory. It must be unscrewed only the eyepiece located eyecup and replaced by this eyepiece. The eyepiece protection consists of a rubber eyecup which is additionally equipped with a protective glass. This way, the eyepiece lens is optimally protected against possible scratches and damage.

ATTENTION: These eyepiece adapters do not have a graduated pattern . The exit pupil distance can not be adjusted.

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