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Prodotto n.: 69249

Microscopio Olympus BX53-MET, HF, trino, infinity, plan, Auflicht, LED

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Descrizione prodotto

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BX53M reflected light for brightfield


  • Optical system: infinity corrected
  • Tripod: incident light
  • Focus: stroke: 25 mm, 100 µm per revolution, smallest subdivision: 1 µm, with upper stop and torque adjustment for coarse adjustment
  • Max. object height: 65 mm (without spacer), 105 mm (with spacer BX3M-ARMAD)
  • Observation tube: Wide field of view (FN,22), Inverted: Binocular with camera tube
  • Illumination: white light LED
  • Brightfield nosepiece : Fivefold
  • Eyepiece: 10x/22 diopter adjustment on one side
  • Stage (X x Y) 76 mm × 52 mm Coaxial stage with left hand drive with torque adjustment
  • Weight: Approx. 15.8 kg (microscope stand 7.4 kg)

Modules included:

  • Tripod BX53MRF-S-1-3
  • Trinocular tube U-TR30-2-2
  • Eyepiece WHN10X-1-8
  • Eyepiece WHN10X-H-1-8
  • Incident light condenser U-KMAS
  • Light source BX3M-LEDR
  • Nosepiece U-5RE-2
  • XY stage U- SVRM right-hand drive
  • Table insert plate U-MSSP
  • Connection cable UYCP

Lenses can be ordered individually, they are not included!

Choose from the accessories preferred for this model: MPLFLN lenses

Modern microscopy made easy

With its modular concept, the BX3M series offers versatility for a wide range of applications in industry and materials research. Thanks to improved integration with OLYMPUS Stream software, BX53M microscopes enable smooth workflows in standard microscopy applications and digital imaging from examination to reporting.

Simply use known methods:
Simple light source

The light source minimizes complicated work steps that usually have to be carried out when working with a microscope. With the adjustment knob on the front of the condenser, the observation method can be conveniently selected. The user can quickly switch between the most commonly used methods of reflected light microscopy, from bright field to dark field or to polarization microscopy, in order to be able to use different types of analysis in the simplest possible way. In addition, simple polarization microscopy can be adjusted by rotating the analyzer.

Intuitive microscope controls:
Simple adjustments of the field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm

The correct setting of the field stop and aperture stop ensures good image contrast and full use of the objective's numerical aperture. The legend guides the user through the correct settings for the respective observation method and objective used.

Fast focus adjustment

The focus scale on the tripod makes it easy to focus quickly. Users can roughly adjust the focus without looking at the object through an eyepiece, saving time when inspecting objects of different heights.

Easy and ergonomic operation

Ergonomics is of paramount importance to all users. Whether a user only uses his microscope or uses his microscope together with the OLYMPS Stream image analysis software - in both cases he benefits from the ergonomic hand switches that clearly indicate the position of the hardware. The ergonomic handset allows the user to concentrate on his sample and its testing.

For consistent lighting:
Light Intensity Manager

During initial setup, the illuminance can be adjusted to match the specific hardware configuration of the coded light source and/or coded nosepiece.

Restoring the microscope settings:
Coded Hardware

Coded functions integrate the BX53M microscope system settings into the OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software. Microscopy methods, illumination intensity and magnification are automatically recorded by the software with the associated images. This allows the user to always perform tests with the same microscopy settings, which improves the reliability of the test results.

Consistent color temperature:
Powerful white light LEDs as light source

The BX53M microscope works with high-intensity white LED light sources for both reflected and transmitted light. The LED ensures a constant color temperature, regardless of the brightness. Long-life LEDs provide efficient lighting and are ideal for materials research testing applications.

Optical system: UIS2 optical system (infinity corrected)

focus Stroke: 25mm

Precision drive: 100 µm per revolution

Smallest subdivision : 1 µm With upper stop and torque setting for coarse adjustment

Max. height of the object : Incident light: 65 mm (without spacer), 105 mm (with BX3M-ARMAD) Incident/transmitted light: 35 mm (without spacer), 75 mm (with BX3M-ARMAD)

Eyepieces: 10x/22

Illumination: Incident light: white light LED, HF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm (with centering mechanism), HF/DF locking

Transmitted t Coded, white light LED, HF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm (with centering mechanism), HF/DF locking

Brightfield nosepiece:: 5x

Nosepiece for HF, DF, MIX: 6x

Long working distance condenser

Table (X x Y) 76mm × 52mm

Lenses not included.!!


The BX53M supports the known methods of conventional microscopy such as bright field, dark field, polarized light and differential interference contrast. When developing new materials, many of the difficulties in detecting defects encountered with standard methods can be solved by modern microscopy techniques, which allow for more accurate and reliable inspections. New lighting techniques and image acquisition options with OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software give users more choices for evaluating their samples and documenting the results.

  • The invisible becomes visible
  • Sharp images of the entire object
  • Effortless adjustment of the table for overview image
  • Display of both dark and light areas
  • Customizable to microscopy and analysis preferences
  • Designed for a wide variety of samples



Illuminazione incidente
Tipo di pila
Sistema ottica


Tecnica di fabbricazione
Visione (°)
Visione obliqua 45°, distanza pupillare regolabile da 52 a 76 mm
Messa a fuoco
Movimenti ampi e micrometrici
Tavolino portaoggetti
Tavolo a croce
Distanza di lavoro (mm)





Metodi di contrasto

Campo chiaro
Campo scuro
Contrasto di fase

Campi di aplicatione

Industria e Materiali
Biologia e Medicina

Campi di utilizzo

si (-)
Biologia, zoologia e botanica
Criminologia forense
Industria meteriali edili
Tecnologia dei semiconduttori
Ingegneria meccanica
Ingegneria dei materiali

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Evident Olympus Microscopio Olympus BX53-MET, HF, trino, infinity, plan, Auflicht, LED

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