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The HPM CxL series LED

The new CxL series of microscopes replaces the HPM 500 series and comes from a production facility where high-quality laboratory microscopes are manufactured. The quality of the optics and the clean processing of the microscopes are reflected here.

Individually, the devices have the following properties:

A sturdy, ergonomic all-metal tripod with ball bearing 4-fold object turret r for DIN optics with a head that swivels through 360 ° with a 45 ° bevel .

For focusing, the devices with coaxial drive knobs for coarse and fine drive , which are equipped with slip coupling.

Visually, the microscopes feature four Semi Plan achromatic objectives ( 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil) ), of which the 40x and 100x lenses are even proprietary , and 10x / 18mm wide field eyepieces . This allows a magnification range of 40x - 1000x .

The stage is 135 mm long, 124 mm wide and equipped with an integrated, coaxial XY stage .

A centering, height-adjustable ABBE condenser (NA 1.25) with aspherical lenses, iris diaphragm and filter holder, as well as powerful LED lighting with 100000 hours of long-life completes the performance of the devices. Built-in, rechargeable batteries allow wireless use.

The HPM CxL 220 is equipped with binocular insight .

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