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Hund Microscopio invertito Wilovert Standard HF 40, bino, 100x-400x

Prodotto n.: 53300
Produttore: Hund

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Descrizione prodotto:

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inverted microscopes

are in many areas an indispensable tool for studying living material. However, they are expanded increasingly to highly specialized systems for certain routine operations and individual research directions. This trend will meet the Wilovert series.

She is characterized by:

Tripods: The entire U-shaped main body of Wilovert Tripods consists of a casting as optimal prerequisite for high stability. Micromanipulators can be easily adapted to any column of Wilovert series.

Light sources: Light sources are a 12 V / 30 W halogen lamp and for fluorescence studies the HBO 100W mercury lamps.

Objective: Inverted microscopes require special lenses, as opposed to upright microscopes tissue culture vessels come from different materials with different floor thicknesses and different heights for use. The Helmut Hund GmbH offers lenses and matching condensers with long free working distances.

Capacitors: The following condensers are available: condenser NA 12:25 for transmitted light bright field with a free working distance of 58 mm Combination condenser NA 0:25 with a free working distance of 58 mm for transmitted-light brightfield and phase contrast Combination condenser NA 0.4 with a free working distance of 38 mm for transmitted-light brightfield and phase contrast

Brackets for culture vessels: Frequently used culture vessels such as Petri dishes, tissue culture tubes, microplates, microplate used in the Wilovert series in special mounting frame. The object guide ensures a complete screening.

Wilowert Standard HF 40 Brightfield

Standard equipment for some routine tests transparent objects with contrasting structures that can be made in the bright field. The advantage of the equipment is the simple clear equipment that leaves a lot of leeway.


  • Tripod: 4-position nosepiece
  • Contrasting methods: bright field
  • Tube: binocular, 30 °
  • Eyepieces: 10x / 18
  • Objective: A 4 / 0.10; A 10 / 0.25; SPL 20 / 0.35 (LD); SPL 40 / 0.60 (LD) with correction collar
  • Magnification: 40-200 times
  • Stage: 210 x 235mm
  • Condenser: NA 0.25 (brightfield) to Ansetzten to the illumination device
  • Lighting: 12 V / 30 halogen, continuous regulation, with iris diaphragm


  • spare fuse
  • Replacement lamp 12 V / 30 W
  • power cable
  • Filter VG 9,
  • Dust cover
  • operation manual

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