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Optika Microscopio invertito IM-7, trino, invers, 10x25mm, LED 10W, w.o. objectives

Prodotto n.: 75708
Produttore: Optika

$ 16.600,00

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Descrizione prodotto:

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IM-7 represents the best of what Optika dedicates to the world of research. This model was created to meet all the needs related to research in life science and designed to be complemented by a series of packages dedicated to more advanced individual applications. For all intents and purposes, IM-7 is to be considered as an inverted imaging platform, due to its high expandability and state-of-the-art quality.

Optical system:Infinity corrected.

Head:Type: Trinocular (Siedentopf); Inclination 45°; Interpupillary distance 47-78 mm; Tube inner diameter 30 mm; Built-in Bertrand lens.

Photo tubes: Trino Port/Binocular: 100/0 ; 50/50 ; 0/100; Left Side Port/Binocular: 100/0 ; 0/100.; Right Side Port/Binocular: 100/0; 20/80.

Eyepieces: PLAN WF10x/25 mm, high eyepoint and with built-in rubber cups; focusable.

Nosepiece: Sextuple ball bearings revolving nosepiece, reversed; DIC slots fo all positions.

Objectives: Infinity corrected; 60 mm parfocal distance; All with anti-fungus treatment; Selectable according to customer’s preferences (see objective table).

Magnification changer: 1x, 1.5x

Specimen stage: 340×230 mm, three-layers mechanical stage; 130×85 mm moving range; Moving mechanism: Rack and pinion (flexible knob); Holder for Petri dish, 160×110 mm; Holder for Terasaki plate (96 well); Holder for 1 slide. Anti-scratch painting.

Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent the contact between objective and specimen; Adjustable tension of coarse focusing knob; 10 mm coarse total travel; Coarse travel per single rotation: 2 mm; Fine travel per single rotation: 0.2 mm; Fine graduations: 100; Fine resolution: 2 μm.

Condenser: Koehler type, 6-position, focusable, centrable; N.A. 0.55; Iris diaphragm; Phase contrast positions: 10x PH, 20x PH, 40x PH (rings included); DIC positions: DIC1 (10x), DIC2 (20x, 40x, 60x) (prisms not included); 26 mm working distance.

Transmitted illumination (Full Koehler): X-LED10; 10W LED, high efficiency, 6000K; Brightness control; 65.000-hour lifetime.

Incident illumination: Upgradable to Incident Fluorescence illumination through the purchase of the components indicated in the fluoscence package table.

Differential Interference Contrast (DIC).: Upgradable to DIC through the purchase of the components indicated in the DIC package table.

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