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ZWO Fotocamera ASI 462 MC Color
ZWO Fotocamera ASI 462 MC Color
ZWO Fotocamera ASI 462 MC Color
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

The ASI 462 MC is the latest color planetary camera from ZWO, which uses the Sony IMX462 (6.5mm diagonal). The pixel size of 2.9 um allows a full-well capacity of 11.2ke- with a total of 2.1MP pixels.

The camera is also very powerful in infrared. With the high sensitivity and extremely low readout noise, this camera will provide great performance for planetary, solar and lunar photography.

The ASI 462 MC impresses with versatile application possibilities, like:

  • Planetary photography - here the extremely high frame rates help to collect data for stacking
  • Deep-sky photography (the camera is uncooled, but the CMOS sensor offers good noise performance)
  • Autoguiding camera

Comparison ASI 462 MC to ASI 290 MC: In general ASI 462 MC and ASI 290 MC have very similar parameters, but the more modern ASI 462 MC has a lower readout noise and a higher QE value.

Features and advantages of the ZWO ASI 462 MC camera:

  • Easy adaptation due to T2 thread connection
  • Resolution: 1936*1096 pixels
  • Autoguider connection
  • Extremely low readout noise with very high sensitivity
  • Aluminium housing with 2" and T2 connectionWith 2.5 mm all-sky wide-angle lensSupplied with AR clear glass filter - full transmission even in infrared. If the IR is to be blocked, an IR cut filter is required.
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