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Meopta Binocolo MeoPro 8x32 HD

Prodotto n.: 45112
Produttore: Meopta

Prezzo di vendita consigliato: $ 600,00

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$ 540,00

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Meopta Binocolo MeoPro 8x32 HD
Meopta Binocolo MeoPro 8x32 HD
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Meoptas new MeoPro HD Series

Perfect for those who enjoy your free time in nature spend, whether for nature watching, sailing, horseback riding, hunting or traveling. This new series of binoculars offers you with the fluoride-containing HD lenses with a clear and bright image as otherwise found only in much more expensive binoculars.

The features of this new binocular series:

  • MeoBright-coating on all air-glass surfaces for maximum transmission.
  • HD lens elements reduce fringing and increase the contrast.
  • MeoShield compensation protects the exterior lenses from damage
  • The large Fokussierwalze allows safe and comfortable operation even with wet hands or gloves.
  • Waterproof and filled with gas - so you can use your binoculars in any weather.

Eyeglass-friendly eye cups, easy reindrehen if you want to use with glasses, the glass, you can compensate for differences between your eyes over 3 diopters thanks to the diopter compensation.

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