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Binocolo Hunter 2.0 12x50

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Descrizione prodotto

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Large visual field for amazing observation
These binoculars offer a unique view of nature. With an especially large visual field which you would not expect in this price range. Hunter 2.0 binoculars make an impression with a modern design and new, sharp optics. Nature appears larger, wider and fantastic.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Waterproof and mist-free so that you can enjoy observing on rainy and sunny days
  • Anti-reflection coating and BAK4 prisms, for bright and crystal clear images right up until dusk
  • Extra large visual field: Survey a large area for added WOW when nature watching
  • Cool design and non-slip hold - always a suitable companion for journeys and excursions.

Impressive to the very end
Does anyone like peering through narrow ducts? That is exactly what many binoculars offer. The Hunter 2.0 is a state-of-the-art, well thought through improvement. Use it to instantly expand your horizons due to its even larger visual field than its predecessor. So you can see more nature and more of your environment.

Powerful performance day and night
A neutral, crisp and high-contrast image. The Hunter 2.0 shows your surroundings just as they are. Multi-coated lenses and high-transparency BAK4 prisms provide bright images. For you this means ideal observations in every situations.

During the day:Observe nature whilst travelling, or game and birds. Notice the smallest details and slight differences in plumage.

At dusk:Who’s creeping across the clearing? When the light gets low, these binoculars provide bright images. Crepuscular animals are no longer hidden from view.

At night:What does the sky above you look lile? What can be discovered in the Milky Way? With the Hunter 2.0 you can find out. Ideal for journeys of discovery on mild summer nights.

Clear views in humidity and wet conditions
Water has no effect on your new binoculars. Imagine you are on a hunt at dawn. Humidity is usually especially high then and dew can quickly build up in your binoculars. But this is no problem as these lenses always remain clear.

Elegant design with large focusing wheel
Hunter 2.0 binoculars were designed for you to always have a grip on things. Their rubber armour makes them fit perfectly in your hand and you can always reach the focusing wheel with your fingers. So you can quickly set the correct focus, for example if you want to see a rare bird in the bushes.

Compact:Be it an objective aperture of 42, 50 or 56mm, the binoculars are made as small as possible. The roof construction is especially space-saving.

Robust:A thick rubber armour provides a protective layer. You you can put your binoculars down amongst nature.

Precise:Instantly find the correct view and focus. Use the large aluminium focussing wheel and the dioptre wheel to easily set the correct focus. Twist-out eyecups with locking function ensure the right view.

Carry bag and carrying straps

Your binoculars are always ready and well protected against dust in their custom-made bag. The soft padded carrying straps make observing fund all day long.

Binoculars, lens cap, eyepiece cap, carrying straps, bag



Tecnica di fabbricazione
Prismi a tetto
Diametro della lente frontale (mm)
Pupilla d'uscita (mm)
Estrazione pupillare (mm)
Conchiglie di Gomma
Compensazione diottrica
posizione correzione diottrica
a destra
Distanza interpupillare (mm)
Materiale di vetro
Rivestimento lente
completamente, multiplo
Sistema di messa a fuoco
Messa a fuoco cenrale


Funzione zoom
Oculari per chi porta gli occhiali
Stabilizzatore d'immagine
Borsa imbottita
Filetto per connessione al cavalletto
Copertura obiettivo
Gancio per cintura

Campo visivo

Campo visivo reale (°)
Campo visivo a 1.000 m (m)
Distanza minima di messa a fuoco (m)
Quantità di luce
Fattore crepuscolare


Materiale delle superfici
Rivestimento in gomma
Hunter 2.0

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Omegon Binocolo Hunter 2.0 12x50
Omegon Binocolo Hunter 2.0 12x50
Omegon Binocolo Hunter 2.0 12x50
Omegon Binocolo Hunter 2.0 12x50
Omegon Binocolo Hunter 2.0 12x50

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