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Cannocchiale zoom 20-60x60mm

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Descrizione prodotto

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Omegon spotting scope - an introduction to detailed nature observation

Experience nature up close with this Omegon Zoom spotting scope. Whether you are observing animals, birds, mountains, forests, or lakes - the optics make it possible to see everything at close proximity. Perfect for beginners to nature watching.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Spotting scope for nature watching, get a bright image even at higher magnifications
  • Anti-reflective coating for bright and high-contrast images
  • Zoom eyepiece with variable 20-60x magnification - no need to change eyepieces
  • Quickly attached to a tripod thanks to photo thread
  • Extendable dew cap protects from stray light and lateral light
  • Robust design with full rubber armouring suitable for any outdoor purpose
  • Includes a practical carrying case for easy transport

Crystal-clear optics and convenient zoom eyepiece for all observing situations
The Omegon Zoom spotting scope's lens coating minimises reflections and ensures a clear and high-contrast image. This gives you a high resolution and allows you to see every detail when observing. Imagine you are observing a poorly lit forest area at high magnification: even in these conditions you'll get an image that inspires with this instrument.

Thanks to the variable magnification zoom eyepiece, tiresome eyepiece changes are a thing of the past. You can use the rotating mechanism to easily adjust the magnification to suit your needs. And best of all: it's infinitely variable! You'll never need to interrupt your observation again. You can totally focus on what's important.

Easily attached to a tripod, and effective protection against stray light
The spotting scope can be mounted on a tripod. This is easy to do, thanks to the built-in photo thread. This significantly improves handling and stability during observation. This means: you get a steady and sharp image.

In addition, the spotting scope has an extendable dew cap, which effectively protects against stray light and lateral light. The function helps to increase the contrast when observing and minimise unwanted light.

The Omegon Zoom spotting scope's rubber armouring makes it particularly robust and therefore perfect for any outdoor adventure. It protects the spotting scope from knocks and other damage that can occur during active use outdoors. Whether you use it for hiking, birdwatching or when travelling: the Omegon spotting scope is the perfect device to enjoy nature in any setting.

With a handy carrying case

The carrying case which is included in the scope of supply allows you to easily transport your tripod. This means that your spotting scope is well protected and always ready for your next nature watching trip.

Omegon spotting scope range - which is the right one?
These Omegon spotting scopes are a byword for nature watching fun. For many nature fans there is hardly anything more beautiful than observing deer undisturbed at the edge of the forest, seeing a black woodpecker hammering on a beech, or marvelling at deep crevices in the mountains. Whether you choose a 60mm or 80mm spotting scope, both of them literally open up new perspectives. The 60mm spotting scope is more compact, lighter and so perfect for when you on the move, and ideal if you prefer to observe in daylight. The 80mm spotting scope gathers more light and so is the right choice if you like to observe at dusk.

Scope of supply:

  • 60/80mm diameter spotting scope
  • Carrying case



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Cannocchiale zoom
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Omegon Cannocchiale zoom 20-60x60mm
Omegon Cannocchiale zoom 20-60x60mm
Omegon Cannocchiale zoom 20-60x60mm
Omegon Cannocchiale zoom 20-60x60mm
Omegon Cannocchiale zoom 20-60x60mm
Omegon Cannocchiale zoom 20-60x60mm

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