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Descrizione prodotto:

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Wildlife XP 44 - Experience new colors

With visual performance in ultra-high definition as well as a particularly large field of view , the Wildlife XP 44 is a reliable and particularly practical companion for nature observation and all outdoor activities. This binoculars are easy to handle and easy to handle. You will not want to put it out of your hands!

The innovative STEINER Ultra-HD optics allow an absolutely natural color reproduction, highest resolution and high-quality fluoride glass thanks to the highest degree of manufacturing precision and the use of high-quality fluoride glass an optimal contrast. Besides the exact detail resolution and a sharp display to the edge of the picture, the new Wildlife XP also convince with a light transmission of the top class. They also provide the natural observer with the highest demands a 3-D brilliance with impressive plastic pictures and excellent depth of field. The ultra-high-definition optics are rounded off by an outstanding XL-field of view for a perfect overview.

Product features that will inspire you:

  • STEINER Ultra-HD optics - High-quality fluoride glass. High-performance optics with brilliant color fidelity and excellent image clarity down to the last detail
  • 3-D Brilliance - Impressive plastic images with fantastic natural color reproduction.
  • STEINER Precision-Setting - simple operation and inspiring result: STEINER Precision-Setting - the unique individual diopter compensation on the right and left eyepiece makes it possible to adjust the binoculars ideally to the personal vision of both eyes and thus also to compensate for larger differences in visual perception. Once adjusted, you are ready for all observations.
  • STEINER Fast-Close-Focus - With the fast-close focus, time-spinning turning on the focusing wheel is a thing of the past. The Wildlife XP is focused by only a short rotation pulse and reveals sharp details of the observed animals with a near-focus range of 2 m. Faster, more effortless and more comfortable.
  • STEINER Distance Control System - A fast reaction is especially important for exciting animal observations. The Wildlife XP is ready before you set the binoculars on the eye: On the scale of the handy XL-focusing wheel, the estimated observation distance is preset and must only be fine-adjusted if necessary. Through this detail you gain valuable time for the observation.
  • STEINER Nitrogen pressure filling - No fogging or condensation in binoculars
  • STEINER Nano-Protection - The Waterproof® is a very reliable and clear view thanks to the ultra-thin, hydrophobic surface finish, the Nano-Protection ® . This dirt and water-repellent coating of the lenses makes rain or snow disappear from the field of view by beading off and protects against extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the ease of cleaning, there is no longer any stubborn dirt.
  • STEINER ClicLoc belt attachment - Safe on the belt and quick to release
  • STEINER ComfortGrip - The well thought-out ergonomics of the STEINER ComfortGrip thumb recesses with Technogel inserts ensure safe and fatigue-free observation, even in long-term applications and even with one-handed use. A perfect balance is guaranteed. Ergonomic, detachable silicone eyeglasses ensure long-term observation and protect against laterally incident light and drafts.

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