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TS Optics Binocolo Astro 25x100 Astro compreso filtro nebulare

Prodotto n.: 50356
Produttore: TS Optics

$ 590,00

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TS Optics Binocolo Astro 25x100 Astro compreso filtro nebulare
TS Optics Binocolo Astro 25x100 Astro compreso filtro nebulare
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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

TS Optics 25 x 100 LE Series - Astro Version with UHC Filters
... Large Aperture Binoculars for the ultimate observing experience - huge light gathering power, high resolution. Ideal for astronomy and nature observing. Improved astronomical performance by UHC filters.

The LE Series of Binoculars:
The TS LE series of binoculars features a particularly good value for money. LE stands for "Long Eye Relief", signifying a high observing comfort. On the LE series we have put particular emphasis on the good image quality. The binoculars of this series are multicoated for an astounding image clarity and brightness. Professional manufacturing processes guarantee an excellent image quality.

The 25x100 LE Astro:
With a pair of multi-coated 100mm objectives the 25x100 offers a huge light gathering power and consequently very bright images. For astronomy many hundred objects are within reach of these giant binoculars. Resolving power is much better than in typical smaller binoculars. The 25x100 features robust mechanics and will easily survive the strain of regular handling and transportation, unless undue force is used. Coupled with its still rather light weight the 25x100 is ideal for portable use.

The TS 25x100 is designed for tripod use. The tripod adaptation is included, so no further parts are needed. Recommended tripods can be found below.

Astronomy ... many hundred objects are easily within reach of these binoculars. The double cluster in Perseus (see left image) is a truly stunning view. For many users the Great Andromeda Galaxy is a true highlight - observing with both eyes really makes a difference here!
Special Feature: Flip in UHC nebular filters simply by turning two knurled buttons close to the eyepieces. The filters will significantly improve contrast for gas nebulae. Details see below!

Nature observing / Birdwatching ... While admittedly quite large and comparatively heavy, the 25x100 is much more powerful than let's say a standard 10x50 model, both in terms of magnification and light gathering power. This makes it ideal for medium distance binocular observing where a spotting scope might not be comfortable enough, whereas a smaller binocular does not offer the necessary magnification. The 25x100 allows you to observe from a safe distance with the full comfort of binocular viewing.

Excellent Viewing Comfort - Long Eye Relief:
The 25x100LE has a long eye relief. This results in an excellent viewing comfort - you don't need to squeeze your eyes into the eyepiece. With 17mm these binoculars have a longer eye relief than many premium binoculars. The 25x100LE is fully suitable for eyeglass wearers - even with glasses on you can still view the entire field of view. Just push back the soft rubber eyeguard and your glasses will rest securely on a rubber surface to avoid scratches.

Flip-In UHC Nebular Filters:
The TS25x100Astro is the sister model of the standard TS25x100LE. It shares the same basic features, however its astronomical performance is greatly improved: Simply flip in a pair of UHC nebular filters for drastically improved contrast for gas nebulae. Flipping the filters in or out is easily done by simply turning the knurled knobs near the eyepieces.

Multi-Coating on all optical surfaces:
The 25x100 uses an excellent multi-coating on all glass-to-air surfaces. The result of this is better transmission and a consequently brighter image.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 25x100 Porro binoculars with flip-in UHC filters
  • integrated tripod adaptation
  • robust hard case for transportation

NOVITA’: incl. valigetta da trasporto!

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