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Descrizione prodotto:

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Binocular Telescopes for great DeepSky views

There is nothing like viewing celestial objects through a pair of large aperture binoculars. Objects take on an effect like a 3D and the views of well-known nebulas, globular clusters and open star clusters are magnificent.

With the ability to interchangeable eyepieces and erect images, you have the opportunity to view everything from exploring Messier objects in the deep-sky to terestrial landscape.

The BT-81S-A optics consist of two achromatic lenses, each of which is constructed from two elements - natural multi-coating! The magnesium fluoride coating reduces chromatic aberrations. The focal length of 480 millimetres produces a bright aperture ratio of f/5.9. A wonderful instrument for observing extensive gaseous nebulae, star clusters and comets.

Please note : The delivery is without eyepieces

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