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Microscopio iScope, IS.3153-PLFi/6, trino

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Descrizione prodotto

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iScope Fluorescence Microscopes


• Extended EWF 10x/22 mm eyepieces, Ø 30 mm tubes.

• Eyepieces can be secured to the tubes


• Binocular and trinocular Siedentopf type heads are with 30° inclined tubes, interpupillary distance from 48 to 76 mm and is equipped with diopter adjustment(s).

• An unique rotating system allows the ergonomical positioning of both tubes in a high (431 mm) and in a low position (397 mm).

• The trinocular head comes with a Ø 23.2 mm photo port.

• An optional ergonomic titling head and corresponding Ø 23.2 mm photo tube attachment are also available (only infinity corrected models)


• Revolving and reversed nosepiece for maximum 5 objectives


• 216 x 150 mm rackless stage equipped with double slide holder and integrated 79 x 52 mm mechanical stage. The iScope® rackless stage has no protruding parts, enabling more smooth movements and is safer

• 220 x 157 mm ceramic stage with integrated 75 x 50 mm mechanical stage protects with a very tough ceramic surface, against marks and scratches. The surface also ensures stray light not to be reflected from the stage into the objective

Condenser For Brightfield

• The standard height adjustable Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser for brightfield accepts sliders with phase annuli suitable for plan phase 10x/20x or S40x/S100x oil immersion IOS objectives for economical phase contrast.

• With magnification indication.

• A slider with a simple dark stop for dark field up to 400x magnification is also available

Condenser for Phase Contrast

• An optional height adjustable Zernike NA. 1.25 phase contrast disc condenser with plan phase 10/20/S40x and S100x oil immersion objectives and dark field stop position for dark field contrast up to 400x magnification


• Coaxial coarse and fine adjustments, 200 graduations, 1 µm per graduation, 200 µm per rotation, total travel approximately 24 mm.

• Supplied with an adjustable rack stop to prevent damage to sample and objectives.

• The coarse adjustments are equipped with friction control


• 3 W adjustable Köhler NeoLED™ diascopic illumination with internal 100-240 V power supply

• The innovative NeoLED™ design offer larger apertures, allowing the optical system of the iScope® microscope to produce images at higher resolutions, very close to the theoretical diffraction limit of the optics. Other benefits of the NeoLED™ is the low energy consumption, no heating and a long operating lifetime

• The Köhler illumination on models with IOS plan and plan phase infinity corrected system provides high contrast and a maximum achievable resolving power of the optics. Also available for other models as an option

Illumination Fluorescence

• The 6-positions rotating or 3-positions slider fluorescence attachments are supplied with standard 100 W HBO mercury vapor light source for broad powerful light spectrum and 100-240 V external power supply with indication of the life time of 100 W HBO lamp. Supplied with standard fluorescence filters sets for blue and green excitation and a UV protection shield

• The iScope® fluorescence microscopes equipped with a 100 W mercury vapor light source can be supplied with more specific, optimized and application related fluorescence filters sets

• Two single position fluorescence attachments are supplied with 460-495 nm 3 W LED for blue excitation or 510-550 nm 3 W LED light source for green excitation and 100-240 Vac/7.5 Vdc external power supply. Supplied with standard fluorescence filters sets for blue and green excitation 6 blocks

I Care Sensor

• The unique iCare Sensor is developed to avoid unnecessary loss of energy

• The illumination of the microscope automatically switches off shortly after microscopists step away from their position

Css - Cable Storage System

• iScope® allows users to easily insert the power cable into the backside of the instrument, which enables easy storage

• The integrated carrying grip at the back of the microscope ensures safe transportation of the microscope


• Supplied with power cord, dust cover, a spare fuse, user manual and 5 ml immersion oil for models with S100x objective.

• Models with 100 W mercury vapor light source have a UV protection shield.

• All packed in polystyrene boxes



Scala di rappresentazione
Numero di obiettivo
Luce diretta e trasmessa
Curvatura di campo
Correttore colore
Obiettivo ad immersione
Abbe N.A.1.25
Tipo di pila
Obiettiva 1
Plan PLFi 4x / 0.10 IOS
Obiettivo 2
Plan PLFi 10x / 0.25 IOS
Obiettivo 3
Plan PLFi S40x / 0.65 IOS
Obiettivo 4
Plan PLFi S100x / 1.25 IOS
WF 10x / 22 mm (Ø 30mm)
Correzione all'infinito


Regolazione luminosità
Campo chiaro
Metodi di contrasto


Tecnica di fabbricazione
Visione (°)
Visione angolata 30°
Tavolino portaoggetti
Tavolo a croce
Messa a fuoco
Movimenti ampi e micrometrici


Peso (g)
Altezza (mm)
Larghezza (mm)
Lunghezza (mm)

Metodi di contrasto


Campi di aplicatione


Campi di utilizzo

Biologia, zoologia e botanica
Patologia e istopatologia


Codice prodotto del fornitore

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Euromex Microscopio iScope, IS.3153-PLFi/6, trino
Euromex Microscopio iScope, IS.3153-PLFi/6, trino

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