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Microscopio B-510LD4-SA, LED fluorescense, trino, 1000x, Semi-Apo Plan IOS, 4 empty filtersets slots

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Descrizione prodotto

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Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

B-510 Series

OPTIKA B-510 Series represents the ideal, ultra-modern, advanced routine microscope for efficient analysis in transmitted light applications, carefully engineered considering all the relevant aspects for users. This series offers user-friendly operations, robustness, durability and superb resolution, delivering contrasted and sharp images through the impressive IOS W-PLAN optics, the Infinity Corrected Optics (IOS) providing the best cost-effective choice for high contrast and resolution, matching all the requirements of labs requiring good quality routinary optics and designed to ensure field flatness up to F.N. 22. The full Köhler system optimizes the microscope optical path to produce high sample contrast and homogeneous bright light, reducing image artifacts, whilst the state-of-the-art, exclusive X-LED3 lighting source makes sure your specimen will be properly and homogeneously illuminated with incredibly low consumptions and significantly long lifespan. With multi-head observation systems, up to 5 people/colleagues can observe the same image on B-510; ideal for teaching and training students, especially in the medical field. The main observer and additional viewers will benefit of an extremely homogeneous light conditions, with a three-colour pointer with settable intensity to highlight points of interest.



Transmitted brightfield illumination is one of the most commonly used observation method in optical microscopy, and is ideal for fixed, stained specimens or other types of samples having high natural absorption of visible light. B-510 series is fitted with high-efficiency LED brightfield illuminator X-LED3, for the best outcome when using this technique. Achieve bright images, improved colour fidelity, pure white colour temperature, incredibly low energy consumptions and longer lifespan with the unique X-LED technology, able to double the light intensity for incomparable performance. Relevant money and energy saving thanks to the incredibly low energy consumptions which allows you to cut the electricity bills by 90%!


  • Trinocular heads with 22mm field number
  • True infinity optical system available (IOS)
  • Fully centerable condenser for precise light control
  • IOS W-PLAN objectives, high numerical apertures
  • Planachromatic optics with more than 90% flat field
  • Significant optical correction, low field curvature and distortion

Best resolution, color and contrast WITH Köhler Illumination. B-510 Series is equipped with Köhler which optimizes the microscope optical path to produce high sample contrast and homogeneous bright light, reducing image artifacts, reflections and glares.In this way, you will achieve the full control over the illumination aperture to reach the best compromise between resolution and contrast and for some enhancements on the depth of field.


The rackless stage has been designed with a belt-driven mechanism that allows a smooth movement without any protruding part. This design gives you a more compact solution and lowers any risk of injury after accidentally hitting the rack with your hands.

  • Ergonomic positioning of the main controls
  • Long lasting mechanical parts, rackless moving stage
  • Maintenance-free illumination system
  • Improving productivity, reducing fatigue
  • Increases job accuracy and quality
  • Easily portable, with comfortable handgrip

B-510LD4 / B-510LD4-SA

Observation mode: Brightfield, LED fluorescence.

Epi-illumination and filter: High-power LED with brightness control. 4-position filter holder; none included.

Head: Trinocular (3-position 100/0, 50/50, 0/100), 30° inclined, 360° rotating.

Interpupillary distance: Adjustable between 50 and 75 mm.

Dioptric adjustment: On the left eyepiece tube.

Eyepieces: WF10x/22 mm, high eye-point and with rubber cups.

Nosepiece: Quintuple revolving nosepiece, rotation on ball bearings.



  • IOS W-PLAN 4x/0.10
  • IOS W-PLAN 10x/0.25
  • IOS W-PLAN 40x/0.65
  • IOS W-PLAN 100x/1.25 (Oil)


  • IOS W-PLAN F 4x/0.13
  • IOS W-PLAN F 10x/0.30
  • IOS W-PLAN F 40x/0.75
  • IOS W-PLAN F 100x/1.3 (Oil)

All with anti-fungus treatment.

Specimen stage: Double layer rackless mechanical stage, 233×147 mm, 78×54 mm X-Y range.

Focusing: Coaxial coarse (adjustable tension) and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent the contact between objective and specimen.

Condenser: Swing-out N.A. 0.2/0.9, with iris diaphragm, focusable and centerable.

Transmitted illumination (Full Koehler type): X-LED3 with white 3.6 W LED (6,300K) with brightness control. Multi-plug 100-240Vac/6Vdc external power supply.

LED Fluorescence Cubes available (LED + Filterset):

Name: M-1220 – Blue

LED Emission (nm): 460

Excitation filter (nm): 455-495

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 500

Emission filter (nm): 510LP

Name: M-1221 – Green

LED Emission (nm): 523

Excitation filter (nm): 510-550

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 570

Emission filter (nm): 575LP

Name: M-1222 – Violet

LED Emission (nm): 405

Excitation filter (nm): 390-420

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 440

Emission filter (nm): 450LP

Name: M-1223 – UV

LED Emission (nm): 365

Excitation filter (nm): 325-375

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 415

Emission filter (nm): 435LP

Name: M-1224 – Red 1

LED Emission (nm): 623

Excitation filter (nm): 590-650

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 660

Emission filter (nm): 665LP

Name: M-1225 – Red 2

LED Emission (nm): 623

Excitation filter (nm): 595-645

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 655

Emission filter (nm): 665-715

Name: M-1226 – Deep Red

LED Emission (nm): 660

Excitation filter (nm): 623-678

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 685

Emission filter (nm): 690-750

Name: M-1227 – Far Red

LED Emission (nm): 740

Excitation filter (nm): 720-760

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 770

Emission filter (nm): 780LP

Name: M-1228 – Amber

LED Emission (nm): 590

Excitation filter (nm): 582-603

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 610

Emission filter (nm): 615-645



Scala di rappresentazione
Numero di obiettivo
Luce diretta e trasmessa
Curvatura di campo
Correttore colore
Obiettivo ad immersione
Abbe N.A.1.25
Tipo di pila
Obiettiva 1
4x/0.13, W.D. 4.7 mm
Obiettivo 2
10x/0.30, W.D. 4.1 mm
Obiettivo 3
40x/0.75, W.D. 0.5 mm
Obiettivo 4
100x/1.3, W.D. 0.08 mm (oil)
WF 10x / 22 mm (Ø 30mm)
Correzione all'infinito


Regolazione luminosità
Campo chiaro
Metodi di contrasto


Tecnica di fabbricazione
Visione (°)
Visione angolata 30°
Tavolino portaoggetti
Tavolo a croce
Messa a fuoco
Movimenti ampi e micrometrici (Graduazione 0,002 mm, con funzione stop di protezione obiettivo)


Peso (g)
Altezza (mm)
Larghezza (mm)
Lunghezza (mm)

Metodi di contrasto


Campi di aplicatione


Campi di utilizzo

Biologia, zoologia e botanica
Patologia e istopatologia


Codice prodotto del fornitore

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Optika Microscopio B-510LD4-SA, LED fluorescense, trino, 1000x, Semi-Apo Plan IOS, 4 empty filtersets slots

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