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Optika Microscopio invertito IM-3LD2, Plan IOS LWD PH, LED-FLUO, 400x, trino, B&G filter set

Prodotto n.: 67447
Produttore: Optika

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Descrizione prodotto:

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IM-3 Series- Inverted Microscopes For Routine Applications

Your Preferred Inverted Microscope For Routine Applications

Intuitive, easy use for all levels of experience

  • Ergonomic controls for fast and efficient investigations
  • Excellent optics with high numerical aperture for brilliant images
  • Compact footprint to save space

Fast, efficient investigations

  • Best-in-class LED illumination
  • Easy to use aperture diaphragm to adjust your brightfield view
  • Bright images also with light-demanding techniques as phase contrast

Adjust It To Your Individual Needs

Designed to faciliate your daily routine

  • Removable condenser to increase the working distance (up to 150 mm)
  • Easy set-up of phase contrast with pre-centered slider
  • Contemporary ergonomic design

Extend your comfort with optional accessories

  • Mechanical stage with X-Y translation
  • More space on the stage with load-bearing side extensions
  • Interchangeable metallic inserts for slides, Petri dishes and flasks
  • Improved Optical Performance, Long Working Distance

Excellent contrast and resolution

  • Comprehensive range of objectives for extended versatility
  • Full chromatic correction and field planarity for 22mm field
  • Enhanced image quality, high contrast and brightness

Observe even the most complex samples

  • All models equipped with Infinity-Corrected IOS optics
  • Phase contrast objectives for examination of transparent samples
  • High-quality dry objectives for material science applications

Stay Connected With Your Specimen

Easy integration with digital world

  • Trinocular head with photo ports, activated with a touch of a lever
  • Complete range of adapters for all kinds of camera
  • Image fidelity thanks to pure white LED illumination

Software to simplify your workflow

  • Effective image capturing and live videos
  • Get fast, user-friendly, high resolution imaging
  • Annotate your images and measure distances

X-LED8 - Exclusive Lighting Source

Powerful and uniform illumination

  • Unmatched colour fidelity and brightness of your specimen
  • Special technology able to double the light intensity
  • Constant pure-white colour temperature, 6,300 K

Cut electricity bils by 90%

  • Money & energy saving
  • Low power consumption, only 8 W
  • LED long lifetime (50,000 hours = 20 years at 8 hours/day usage)


Observation mode: Brightfield, phase contrast, LED fluorescence.

Epi-illumination and filter: High-power LED with brightness control. 3-position filter holder; blue and green filtesets included.

Head: Trinocular (2-position 100/0, 0/100), 45° inclined.

Interpupillary distance: Adjustable between 50 and 75 mm.

Dioptric adjustment: On the left eyepiece tube.

Eyepieces: WF10x/22 mm, high eye-point and with rubber cups.

Nosepiece: Quintuple revolving nosepiece, rotation on ball bearings.


  • IOS LWD W-PLAN PH 10x/0.25
  • IOS LWD W-PLAN PH 20x/0.40
  • IOS LWD W-PLAN PH 40x/0.65

All with anti-fungus treatment.

Specimen stage: Fixed stage, 250×160 mm, with glass and metal stage inserts. Mechanical stage as option.

Focusing: Coaxial coarse (adjustable tension) and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent the contact between objective and specimen.

Condenser: LWD pre-centered condenser, N.A. 0.30, W.D. 72 mm. With 4x/10x, 20x/40x phase contrast slider and brightfield. Removable to extend the working distance up to 150 mm.

Transmitted illumination: X-LED8 with white 8 W LED (6,300K) with brightness control. With aperture diaphragm. 100-240Vac/12Vdc external power supply

Standard filtersets

Name: Blue

LED emission (nm): 460

Excitation filter (nm): 455-495

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 500

Emission filter (nm): 510LP

Name: Green

LED emission (nm): 523

Excitation filter (nm): 510-550

Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm): 570

Emission filter (nm): 575LP

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