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Euromex Microscopio stereo-zoom NexiusZoom NZ.1903-U, 6,7-45x

Prodotto n.: 47215
Produttore: Euromex

$ 1.020,00

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Descrizione prodotto:

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Euromex NexiusZoom

The NexiusZoom stereomicroscopes are often used for professional industrial purposes, scientific research and education because of the excellent optical and mechanical properties while very attractively priced

  • Standard wide field secured WF10x eyepices with 22 mm field of view
  • 45° inclined, 360° rotatable bino- and trinocular stereo heads
  • 0.67 to 45x Zoom objectif, parafocal over the entire zoom range with a working distance of 110 mm
  • With optionale additional lenses, magnifications from 3.3x to 90 times can be achieved
  • 2 read-to-use stereomicroscope models with ergonomic flat stand with 3 W LED diascopic and incident illumination
  • 4 configuratieons with universal one arm or double arm stands

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