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Osservazione della natura > Cannocchiali > Instrumenti > Meopta > Meostar > Meopta Cannocchiali Meostar S2 82 diritto + 20-70x oculare Vario
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Cannocchiali Meostar S2 82 diritto + 20-70x oculare Vario

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Descrizione prodotto

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The ultimate precision observation instrument.

The MeoStar S2 82 HD spotting scope is a landmark achievement from Meopta. Our first full-sized, premium spotting scope is designed and intended to rival any other offering on the market today. 82mm HD (Apochromatic) objective lenses deliver crisp, brilliant true-color resolution whether in the early pre-dawn hours or during the last few minutes of dusk. Coupled with our innovative 30-60x WA eyepiece, which provides a constant 66 degree field of view throughout the entire range of magnification, the new MeoStar S2 is ready for your most challenging observation applications.

MeoStar S2 82 HD spotting scopes are available in either straight or angled versions.


  • MeoBright 5501 - A proprietary ion-assisted lens multi-coating applied to all air-to-glass optical surfaces. Developed by Meopta, MeoBright 5501 ion- assisted multi-coatings eliminate glare and reflections and delivers an industry leading 99.8% light transmission per lens surface.
  • MeoShield - MeoShield ion-assisted coating protects external lens surfaces and delivers enhanced resistance to scratching or abrasion in extreme conditions. MeoShield meets military specifications for durability and surface hardness.
  • MeoDrop - MeoDrop is a proprietary hydrophobic lens coating designed to repel water, grease, skin oils and lens surface contaminates that can impair clarity. This microscopic hydrophobic layer – applied to external lens surfaces – repels water so aggressively that rain and moisture forms a tight ball and simply rolls off the lens surface MeoDrop coated lenses are easily wiped clean with no smudging or smearing, stay clean longer and maintain the highest level of visual clarity.
  • HD Lens Elements - High-definition, extra-low dispersion, fluoride objective lens elements eliminate chromatic aberration (CA) or color fringing in challenging lighting conditions and deliver pin point resolution, increased contrast and vivid color fidelity.
  • CentricDrive - An oversized, mid-body focus control features a large rubberized wheel that is easy to manipulate for fine focus requirements or when moving rapidly from close subjects to extended distances. The CentricDrive is comfortable to use and easily accommodates users wearing thick gloves.
  • Bayonet Eyepiece Mount - Quick release, bayonet mount automatically locks eyepiece securely into place and unlocks with the push of a button.
  • Tripod Collar and Mount - The rotating tripod collar allows a smooth 360° degree rotation of the scope body for viewing in any orientation and locks securely in place. The low profile mounting foot directly engages Manfrotto type tripod heads and features a ¼” x 20 thread to accommodate numerous aftermarket quick release plates.
  • Integrated Sun Shade - Integrated, retractable anodized aluminum sun shade keeps moisture and stray light off lenses in challenging lighting conditions. Built-in aiming element makes subject acquisition quick and easy.
  • Chassis Construction - Magnesium and aluminum alloy chassis is lightweight yet extremely rugged. Beautifully sculpted rubber armor provides shock protection in the field or during transport.
  • Lens Components - Individual lens components are meticulously ground and polished in-house and precisely matched for superior performance.
  • Prism System - Precisely ground and finished Schimdt-Pechan prism system is polished to within +/- 1 second and allows hours of extended glassing without eye strain.
  • Waterproof - All MeoStar S spotting scopes are 100% guaranteed waterproof, submersible and are fully protected against humidity, rain and snow.
  • Fogproof - All MeoStar S spotting scopes are purged and sealed with inert Nitrogen gas to provide 100% guaranteed fogproof performance.
  • 30 Years Transferable Warranty - MeoStar S spotting scopes carry Meopta’s 30 Years Transferable Warranty (after registration).

20x–70x S2 Eyepiece

Specifically designed for the MeoStar S2 82 HD spotting scope. Provides a 45˚ subjective field of view at 20x and a 63˚ subjective field of view at 70x magnification. Optimized for extra magnification range and sharp to the edge image. Push button, quick release bayonet mount. Twist-up eyecup. Nitrogen purged and waterproof.



Tecnica di fabbricazione
Set cannocchiale
70 (20-70x)
Diametro della lente frontale (mm)
Pupilla d'uscita (mm)
4,1 (20x) - 1,2 (70x)
Materiale di vetro
Vetro fluoruro
Rivestimento lente
completamente, multiplo
Sistema di messa a fuoco
Ampia ghiera di messa a fuoco
Visione diritta


Oculare incluso nella spedizione
Oculare zoom compreso nella spedizione
Fotocamera digitale integrata
Anelli guida ruotabili
Filetto per connessione al cavalletto
Borsa da trasporto

Campo visivo

Campo visivo reale (°)
2,35 (20x) - 0,93 (70x)
Campo visivo a 1.000 m (m)
41 (20x) - 16 (70x)
Distanza minima di messa a fuoco (m)


Lunghezza (mm)
Peso (g)

Campi di utilizzo

Bird watching
Tiratori sportivi

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Meopta Cannocchiali Meostar S2 82 diritto + 20-70x oculare Vario
Meopta Cannocchiali Meostar S2 82 diritto + 20-70x oculare Vario
Meopta Cannocchiali Meostar S2 82 diritto + 20-70x oculare Vario

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