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Orion Zoom Cannocchiale 20-60x80 GrandView Set
Orion Zoom Cannocchiale 20-60x80 GrandView Set
Orion Zoom Cannocchiale 20-60x80 GrandView Set
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Enjoy close-up shots of birds, wildlife, picturesque landscapes and much more with the versatile GrandView 20-60x80 mm zoom spotting scope.

The set includes an altazimuth mount with table-top tripod which holds the spotting scope about 23 centimeters above the surface.

This powerful spotting scope has variable zoom magnification, enabling you to search the horizon with 20 times and up to 60 times magnification. The spotting scope has a large 80mm aperture which gathers lots of light especially in twilight. The GrandView 20-60x80 shows you both distant targets as well as objects that are nearby. Because of this, it’s a great choice for observing birds in your own garden.

The GrandView 20-60x 80mm zoom spotting scope features an eyepiece with a 45° angle. In addition, the rotating eye cup makes observation easier. The spotting scope has a field of view of 2° at 20 times magnification, and 1° at 60 times magnification. For the lens a pull-out lens-hood blocks light entering from the sides and reduces glare. A rotating 1/4"-20 collar enables the adjustment of the eyepiece.

Package contents include a carrying case, a dust cap for the eyepiece and a lens cap.

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