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Cannocchiali TSN-66S PROMINAR Body

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Descrizione prodotto

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The TSN-66 PROMINAR is the newest member of Kowa’s PROMINAR family of spotting scopes, boasting exceptional pure fluorite crystal optics that have earned Kowa global acclaim.

The TSN-66 PROMINAR’s cutting-edge technology enables it to deliver exceptional optical performance, granting birdwatchers and outdoor enthusiasts access to a level of detail and clarity typically found only in larger, heavier spotting scopes. With a compact and lightweight body and 66mm objective lens, the TSN-66 PROMINAR is the ideal tool for those who want to travel light, without compromising on image quality when they arrive at their favourite location.

The TSN-66 PROMINAR allows you to experience nature in perfect clarity, even in the most remote and challenging habitats. Travel further, explore deeper and experience the natural world in a way that was previously impossible with a compact spotting scope.

Features of the TSN-66 PROMINAR series:

  • Ultracompact
    Proudly made in Japan, this spotting scope joins a line-up of world-renowned precision optics featuring unique optical coatings and pure fluorite crystal technology. The PROMINAR range has set the standard for optical quality and performance, delivering outstanding image clarity and resolution. The TSN-66 PROMINAR upholds this tradition, and now offers nature enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the precision and clarity of a PROMINAR spotting scope in a more compact and lightweight form.
  • 66mm Pure Fluorite Cyrstal Objective
    The new TSN-66 series features an 66mm pure fluorite crystal objective lens - the true optical powerhouse at the heart of all PROMINAR flagship optics. This unique lens redefines the standards of colour brilliance and eliminates chromatic aberration for one of the most detailed views of the natural world.
  • Dual Focus Pin Point Control
    The dual focus mechanism is the gateway to controlling the image between your eye and the scope. Exquisite engineering is refined to make operation flawless. Quick focus allows for fast action to bring your subject in to detail in just a few smooth revolutions, whilst Fine focus gives pin-point, finger-tip control offering the ultimate in focussing accuracy.
  • Portable Perfection
    Strong, light and built to last. The 100% magnesium alloy body not only provides robustness but also ensures a lightweight design. With a fully sealed outer body, this spotting scope is 100% waterproof and nitrogen-filled, making it impervious to the elements. Experience the perfect balance of strength and weight with the TSN-66 PROMINAR, built to last a lifetime. The scope is offered in both Angled (A) and Straight (S) configurations.
  • Natural Colour
    Kowa has always been dedicated to delivering optical products that offer a true-to-life representation of the natural world. For nature enthusiasts and bird watchers, Kowa optics provide an unrivalled viewing experience. With Kowa’s commitment to the highest quality standards and utilising pure fluorite crystal lenses, the products deliver a pure rendition of the view in front of the lens, allowing users to explore and enjoy every detail of the subject. When you use Kowa optics, you can trust that the colours you see are the true colours of nature. This creates an image free of chromatic aberration (colour blur) and negative optical distractions, which enables you to fully immerse yourself into the scene in front of you. Kowa’s reputation for delivering natural colour has earned them a loyal following of users who demand the best.
  • Compact effective Digiscoping
    The TSN-66 PROMINAR series scopes are highly effective digiscoping tools due to their pure fluorite crystal lens, which provides unparalleled image clarity and brightness. Combine this outstanding optical performance with their lightweight and compact bodies and experience the ultimate travel companion for wildlife photographers on the go.
  • Dual Tripod Mount
    A new dual tripod mounting system prevents the scope from slipping or rotating on the tripod shoe ensuring extra stability for long periods of use. A game changer for ultimate convenience and handling out in the field.
  • Aiming Site
    The spotting scope includes a new detachable aiming site that can be fixed on to the accessory collar to assist in locating your subject more rapidly. The lens hood also features a newly designed built in aiming site as a further visual aid.

the unique and versatile accessory range for Kowa TSN-99 PROMINAR, TSN-88, TSN-880 and TSN-770 flagship spotting scopes.

One accessory collar - endless possibilities.
The concept behind KOWA SYSTEM is simple. An easily accessible accessory collar built into the spotting scope body.

This threaded collar is the gateway to connect a wide range of accessories to expand the pure fluorite crystal PROMINAR TSN-99, TSN-88, TSN-880 and PROMINAR TSN-770 spotting scopes functionality creating a multi-use optic for observation, long range, digiscoping, smartphone and astronomy applications.



Tecnica di fabbricazione
Visione diritta
in base all'oculare
Diametro della lente frontale (mm)
Pupilla d'uscita (mm)
in base all'oculare
Materiale di vetro
Cristallo Fluorite
Rivestimento lente
completamente, multiplo
Sistema di messa a fuoco
Messa a fuoco Dual
Materiale del tubo


Oculare incluso nella spedizione
Oculare zoom compreso nella spedizione
Fotocamera digitale integrata
Anelli guida ruotabili
Filetto per connessione al cavalletto
Riempimento gassoso protettivo
Rivestimento in gomma
Borsa da trasporto
Borsa imbottita
Casse da trasporto

Campo visivo

Campo visivo reale (°)
in base all'oculare
Campo visivo a 1.000 m (m)
in base all'oculare
Distanza minima di messa a fuoco (m)


Peso (g)
Lunghezza (mm)

Campi di utilizzo

Bird watching
Tiratori sportivi

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Kowa Cannocchiali TSN-66S PROMINAR Body
Kowa Cannocchiali TSN-66S PROMINAR Body
Kowa Cannocchiali TSN-66S PROMINAR Body
Kowa Cannocchiali TSN-66S PROMINAR Body
Kowa Cannocchiali TSN-66S PROMINAR Body

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