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Officina Stellare Riccardi-Honders RH 250/1400 AT f/5.6 OTA

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Produttore: Officina Stellare

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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

Overview of the RH Veloce Telescopes:

The RH Veloce is a really unique design, and uses several unique solutions, created by Riccardi and Honders. The RH Veloce uses a double front lens that is weakly convergent, and the primary mirror is a Mangin mirror (from the name of its French inventor). A Mangin mirror is a mirror that is coated on the back surface, not on the front. The light passes through the glass, is reflected by the coating and then passes again through the glass. For this reason, a Mangin mirror is called a refractive-reflective optical element, and opens exciting possibilities to optical engineers. This complex design includes also a corrector group before the focal plane, achieving performances impossible otherwise, with extraordinary fast photographic performances over wide focal planes.

A curiosity about the RH Veloce: since the double frontal lens is convergent, the Mangin mirror is smaller than the nominal diameter of the scope, while the meniscus itself is bigger than the nominal diameter, to ensure a good illumination over the wide field of view of such scopes. For example, the 200 mm model has a 220 mm meniscus and a 190 mm primary mirror. The secondary mirror is a separated piece of glass, or it is made coating the middle of the meniscus, depending on model.

The RH Veloce frontal lens is made in Germany under Officina Stellare specifications.

Veloce in Italian means fast, to indicate its primary vocation: to be a great astrograph capable of stunning performance.

A big evolution step of the iconic Veloce RH200 AT: You can now expect an even better large field photographic performance thanks to an innovative light baffles coating. It will give you a much better reduction of ghosts and scattered light.

RH250 is a special version respect rest of Veloce series. It’s not f/3 open, but f/5.6. Because this telescope was designed for a scientific project and its performance were so good Officina Stellare decided to put into production. Only consider stars with 3.6 micron spot size not on axis, but on field edge: this gives you the measure on how much powerful this telescope is.

Standard configuration:

  • Special, thermo compensated material, close tube design
  • Carbon fibre light shield
  • Unique and innovative cells design and exclusive double stage splitted internal light baffle
  • Full corrected and illuminated field: 60 Millimeter
  • back tip-tilt plate
  • easy collimation system
  • two Losmandy dovetail
  • Cap cover

If you are looking for an amazing detailed optic, RH250 is your choice.

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