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Officina Stellare Telescopio RiFast 700/2660 SGA OTA

Prodotto n.: 56546
Produttore: Officina Stellare

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Descrizione prodotto:

Purtroppo, questa descrizione non è stato tradotto in italiano, in modo da trovare a questo punto una descrizione inglese.

RiFast: A big, beautiful telescope at f/3.8

Devoted to astrophotograpy, the RiFast family has an unique optical scheme, proprietary of Officina Stellare, another creation of the master optician Massimo Riccardi. The primary mirror is aspherical and the secondary mirror is spherical.

Main features are the three element corrector placed near the focus with two aspherical elements, an incredible stable mechanic to make collimation easier and a complete series of accessories for a complete upgrade. Why place the corrector so close to focus position? Simple: to give the best result possible in terms of overall correction, completely absence of chromatic aberration and best RMS spot radius.

  • Optional 1.5x extender and 0.78x reducer are designed to work in a perfect symphony with the integrated three elements corrector, to provide also a better performance.
  • Collimation is stable as it had ever been before, thanks to a new mechanical design, improved with bigger apertures.
  • Temperature changes will not affect optical stability
  • Every RiFAst is tested under the sky in real condition before shipping and comes perfectly configured with customer needs and collimated as well.
  • Secondary mirror is motorized for focusing (only optional for 400mm model), leaving the imaging train completely screwed to the backplate, a good solution for heavy cameras and accessories. Is also possible to set up the tip-tilt.
  • Remote observers can upgrade their RiFAst with primary mirror shutters to avoid moisture deposit on the telescope’s mirror when not in use and OS Bus advanced electronic to control every function remotely.

The RiFAst comes in two Versions: The SGA Version comes with low expansion glass optical set and carbon/aluminum truss tube design. The CGC with near zero expansion ceramic glass optical set and full carbon truss.

Only the RiFast 300 SGC comes with low expansion glass and full carbon truss.

All versions include splitted light baffle, four support dovetails, three ventilation fans and mirrors heaters with manual control, shroud and cap covers. The primary cell is detachable for an easy cleaning of mirror.

You will never find a better and faster astrographer in this class!

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