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Questo prodotto non è più in magazzino e pertanto non può essere acquistato fino ad ulteriore avviso.

360 degree Omegon Rifrattore Apocromatico Pro APO AP 71/450 Quadruplet OTA
Omegon Rifrattore Apocromatico Pro APO AP 71/450 Quadruplet OTA
Omegon Rifrattore Apocromatico Pro APO AP 71/450 Quadruplet OTA
Omegon Rifrattore Apocromatico Pro APO AP 71/450 Quadruplet OTA
Omegon Rifrattore Apocromatico Pro APO AP 71/450 Quadruplet OTA
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Nicer astrophotos, with which you rediscover the sky
What is it that drives astrophotographers again and again? It is the fascination of depicting the sky in its most beautiful colors and shapes. This succeeds with this quadruplet apochromats. The high-quality OHARA FPL-53 glass and a color-pure image lead to enjoyable observations with fine details that would not be possible with a simple look. Rediscover the sky

The advantages at a glance:

  • 71mm Quadruplet ED-Apo with four lenses, achieves an apochromatic correction for fantastically clear, flat and color pure images
  • Integrated corrector provides a flat and illuminated field even for full-format cameras.
  • 2.5 "focuser with 1:10 reduction: Even larger and heavier cameras can be easily focused with high precision
  • 360 ° rotatable camera to help you find the right orientation

Why this quadruplet optic shows more details
Stop with contrastless pictures. The quadruplet apochromat shows what is really possible: color pure and high contrast observations and astrophotos. The reason is a sophisticated four-line design with the premium OHARA FPL-53 glass for a crystal-clear picture. For example, compared to most mirror systems, better defined optics allow you to see more and finer details of planetary observations. The lens elements were provided on all surfaces with an effective Mulivergütung against reflexes. One of the lens elements is located at the optimum distance in the rear end of the tube, and acts as a perfectly matched corrector. This leads to a flat and corrected image. Look forward to observations and recordings that will be remembered.

2.5 "pinion focuser with ball bearings
Almost a real space saver is the 2.5 "gear extract, because it is big enough, no shadings arise.A genius hybrid technology from Crayford and gear makes him particularly strong and suitable for accessories up to 4kg Focus the ball bearings silently, so you can easily find the perfect focus A 1:10 reduction for the finest corrections completes this extract.These characteristics appreciate astrophotographers around the world.

360 ° rototation for the perfect image detail
Object found and focused, but misaligned? At night you should save yourself from now to start again and align an elongated object to fit the sensor. The 360 ° rotating extension makes this task easy, because it is done in seconds.

2 "and M63 connection
The focuser has a standard 2 "connector with a 1.25" reduction. This will connect all accessories from our range, such as eyepieces and adapters. Another M63 thread is for your full-frame camera or a FieldFlattner. You get a completely illuminated and flat image field.

CNC tube for one of the best optics
The tube of the Omegon Apo consists of a CNC machined metal construction with a sophisticated glare system against reflexes. The complete tube was lined with a velvet-like, black fabric.

Messier 45, APO 71/450, Canon 6Da, 32x180s, Philipp Keltenich
Messier 31, APO 71/450, Canon 6Da, 25x240s, Philipp Keltenich

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