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TS Optics Telescopio N 150/420 Carbon Astrograph OTA

Prodotto n.: 62508
Produttore: TS Optics

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$ 2.540,00

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TS Optics Telescopio N 150/420 Carbon Astrograph OTA
TS Optics Telescopio N 150/420 Carbon Astrograph OTA
TS Optics Telescopio N 150/420 Carbon Astrograph OTA
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Hyperbolic Flatfield Astrograph ("Hypergraph") with very fast f / 2.8 aperture ratio - thanks to the tube made of carbon light and ideal for mobile astrophotography!

What is a hypergraph? These astrographs are perfectly matched to the modern requirements of digital astrophotography. In contrast to simple Newtonian telescopes with coma corrector, they have a hyperbolic primary mirror and a specially adapted corrector in the focuser. Thus, a perfectly corrected image circle is achieved with space-optimized design and moderate secondary mirror diameter . The imaging performance is so good that even modern astro cameras with very high resolution can be used.

Further advantages of the Hypergraph 6:

  • Tube made of carbon for a much better temperature stability compared to a metal tube. Adjusting the focus during the nighttime temperature change is eliminated.
  • Secondary mirror is installed with the necessary offset, the illumination of the image field is thus uniform.
  • Despite the extreme aperture ratio, the telescope is well collimated and it keeps the collimation well during transport.
  • A microfocusing is already installed, which is also necessary with the extreme aperture ratio of f / 2.8.
  • Easy camera adaptation via the M48x0.75 connection thread of the focuser . The working distance is 55 mm: Ideal for DSLR cameras.

It depends not only on which telescope you buy, but also where. Our extra services:

  • With each telescope we deliver an edition of the exciting astronomy magazines "Stars and Space".
  • We are a leading dealer in telescopes and know the devices well. Our service is therefore also available to you after the purchase if you have problems with setup or operation.
  • We provide each telescope with the 80-page entry-level Telescope ABC manual.
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