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Artesky Telescopio N 200/800 ARTEC 200 Astrograph OTA

Prodotto n.: 62251
Produttore: Artesky

$ 5.900,00

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Artesky Telescopio N 200/800 ARTEC 200 Astrograph OTA
Artesky Telescopio N 200/800 ARTEC 200 Astrograph OTA
Artesky Telescopio N 200/800 ARTEC 200 Astrograph OTA
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Descrizione prodotto:

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This telescope of the ARTEC series combines a stiff and stable mechanism with high-quality high-end optics to a Newton with a fast f / 4.0 aperture ratio. A high-quality astrograph that leaves nothing to be desired!

The tube made of 3K carbon with 2.5 mm thickness is not only very stiff and temperature stable, but also treated with a special dust-repellent clear coat. So there are no internal reflections. The metal parts are precision CNC milled. Artesky uses only high quality aluminum, stainless steel and bronze. This is especially true for the very stiff secondary mirror mount , which holds a 88 millimeter secondary mirror. The size and location of this capture mirror is designed so that there are no back focus problems, as it should be in an astrograph . The Newton allows the connection of a comprehensive system for photography, such as off-axis guiders and filter wheels.

The result is a tube that is stable over wide temperature ranges and the focal position even with bracketing, which takes many hours to complete.

The quality of the optics is appropriate to the mechanics: The reflectivity is over 93%, the surface accuracy at less than 1/8 lambda, with a Strehl of more than 0.95. With the recommended Komakorrektor a fast aperture ratio of f / 3.7 is achieved!

The focuser is the legendary Feather Touch FTF3015B-A from Starlight Instruments: It does not get any better! This focuser carries heavy accessories without slipping and allows a precise focusing via the 1:10 micro reduction. Of course, the focuser is rotatable and clamps the accessories evenly and gently over a brass ring. There are also motorization solutions for this feather touch.

It depends not only on which telescope you buy, but also where. Our extra services:

  • With each telescope we deliver an edition of the exciting astronomy magazines "Stars and Space".
  • We are a leading dealer in telescopes and know the devices well. Our service is therefore also available to you after the purchase if you have problems with setup or operation.
  • We provide each telescope with the 80-page entry-level Telescope ABC manual.


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