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Omegon Telescopio Cassegrain Pro CC 203/2436 OTA

Prodotto n.: 61487
Produttore: Omegon

$ 979,00

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Omegon Telescopio Cassegrain  Pro CC 203/2436 OTA
Omegon Telescopio Cassegrain  Pro CC 203/2436 OTA
Omegon Telescopio Cassegrain  Pro CC 203/2436 OTA
Omegon Telescopio Cassegrain  Pro CC 203/2436 OTA
Omegon Telescopio Cassegrain  Pro CC 203/2436 OTA
Omegon Telescopio Cassegrain  Pro CC 203/2436 OTA
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Descrizione prodotto:

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Beautiful astrophotos with a telescope of professionals
This Cassegrain telescope was created to capture nicer and better astrophotos. Shooting with more contrast and a sharp field of view to the edge. It's no wonder why Profistern wardens use this type of telescope almost exclusively. Now this technique is affordable for amateurs. How about bringing your astrophotos to a professional level?

The advantages at a glance:

  • Main mirror with 94% reflection for brighter images than a standard telescope
  • 8 stray light panels for more contrast and sharp shots
  • Quartz mirror: better picture during the cooling down phase. The focus is kept stable even in long photo nights.
  • Crayford focuser 2 "and 1,25": No mirror shift and big backfocus - Astrophotography: Simply connect your SLR camera with the included extension sleeves 50mm and 25mm.
  • Full illumination with APS-C sensors or sensors up to 30mm diameter

Who is this telescope for?
A Cassegrain telescope is a system for nicer astrophotos that you can be proud of. Many types of telescopes are created for everything. For photos and for visual observation. But that's not the whole truth: everyone knows that there is not the expert for everything. That is why this telescope was created especially for astrophotographers who like to photograph compact objects. We do not want medium-good telescopes for medium-good photos. But a master of astrophotography. It's great in it and it gives you first-class photos of the sky.

Full illumination for most sensors
The Omegon Cassegrain Telescope is a master photographer for the starry sky. Connect cameras with sensors up to 30mm in diameter and benefit from full illumination without shading.

Why is a Cassegrain better than a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope?
The main mirror of the Omegon Cassegrain is parabolic and the secondary mirror is hyperbolic. Fewer aberrations: The image field is falcher, the coma less and the field sharpness much higher. This means for you: Capture astrophotos with much nicer star images and even finer visible details. Overall, your astrophotos will look fascinating.

That's better than a SC telescope:

  • Sharper picture
  • No lenses in the beam path, therefore no infrared filter in the planetary photography necessary
  • Larger usable image field for astrophotography with fewer optical errors
  • Lower obstruction, giving you more contrast
  • No color errors
  • No ghosting on the recording

Faster cooling time
Set up the telescope and wait for half an eternity? That does not have to be. The parabolic primary mirror made of quartz changes its shape in the cooling phase only minimally and is much more stable than Pyrex. Your advantage: From the very first minute, the telescope offers a crystal-clear picture.

Main mirror made of quartz with 94% reflection
94% Enhanced Coating: This is a special kind of "Speigel" coating, because every one percent counts when it comes to brighter pictures and more contrast. This mirror is good in the race, because it offers 6% more reflection than the standard, which is installed in most telescopes.

Look forward to bright pictures and faint DeepSky objects.

Crayford: More than enough focus
Connect any accessories to your telescope and do not worry about the focus. Because with most cameras you can easily get a sharp picture. The reason is the big back focus. With it you also use Reducer or even a Binocular.

8 diffusers
The 8 diffusers provide more contrast for sharper images, where you can see more details.

No spiegelelshiftig
Ping Pong used to be popular as a game, but as a photographer, you have no fun catching your planetary nebula in the eyepiece. The good news: you do not have to. Because unlike an SC telescope, this Cassegrain has a fixed parabolic main mirror. When focusing, the object does not jump through the eyepiece and remains in place.

Which objects can you photograph?
The Omegon Cassegrain a master for all compact objects in the solar system or in interstellar space. With the long focal length you can reach even small fog. The telescope is particularly well suited for this:

  • Mondkrater
  • planet
  • Distant galaxy groups - planetary nebulae
  • Globular clusters

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